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If You've Never Hired a Top-Notch Accountant, Your Business Is Leaking Cash Day and Night

Stop wasting money on "DIY" accounting. At FSL Tax and Accounting, our CPAs use an experience based system to help you change your business to a profit first mind set. Helping you take control of your finances, budgeting, controls and cash flow.

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The Smart Solutions for Your IRS Tax Problems

Making the right decisions when choosing your tax resolution company and resolving your IRS tax problems is vital to achieving your financial freedom. At Atlanta-based FSL Tax and Accounting, our staff can help reduce the stress in finding a trust-worthy partners and in actually resolving your tax problems.

We understand that owing money to the IRS or your State government can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Worry no more, FSL Tax and Accounting can help! We are a reputable Tax Resolution service company that can help you to negotiate and settle your tax debt with the IRS or State government. Our experts have used “time tested” and “proven strategies” and can assist you through Sales tax audits, IRS representation in an effort to help minimize your tax liabilities.

The Essential Guide to Small Business Accounting

As the owner of your Georgia small business, you will no doubt wear many hats: lead salesperson, marketer, customer service representative, human resources manager, and—in many cases— accountant. Of all the roles you will fill, accounting is one of the most difficult to get a handle on, and doing it correctly is of crucial importance. With this guide, our hope is to give you all the information you need to keep your books, financial reports, and taxes accurate and consistent. Get your free copy by clicking the button below!

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